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Things you'll need:

Paper towel
Warm water
Dish soap
Cleaning rod
Instrument oil

Step 1
Disassemble the valves by unscrewing the nuts. Slowly pull each valve out about half way. Notice the number stamped on each one. Note which way the number faces so that each valve is returned in the same direction.
Step 2
Remove all traces of old oil from the valves and the valve casing. Wipe the valves with a paper towel. Soak in a cup full of warm soapy water if necessary. Insert the cleaning rod wrapped with a cloth into the valve casing. Swab the casing with the rod and cloth to remove any dirt.
Step 3
Lubricate the valves. Squirt the sides of each valve with a generous amount of instrument oil.
Step 4
Replace the valves back into the trumpet. Return each numbered valve back into the correct casing in the proper direction and click into place. Blow a quick breath of warm air into the trumpet while putting the valves in place.
Step 5
Test the working condition of the trumpet. Now that the valves are clean, play a quick chord to make sure the pieces were reassemble correctly.

Mouthpiece, spit valve, bell, valve slide, leadpipe, tuning slide, piston, finger hook, valve casings