Knowledge-->Learn To Play

Things You'll Need:

Music Stands
Trumpet Cases
Trumpet Mouthpieces
Trumpet Valve Oil
Sheet Music
Small Tube Of Vaseline
Trumpet Music CDs

Step 1
Pretend that you have a small piece of paper on the end of your tongue. Now spit it off. Let the air continue through your lips.
Step 2
Do the same thing again keeping your lips close together and produce a long "buzz."
Step 3
Take the trumpet's mouthpiece by the small tube known as the "shank."
Step 4
Put the larger end in the center of your closed lips. Center your lips both vertically and horizontally.
Step 5
Do the "spit-buzz" exercise into the mouthpiece. Sustain the "buzz" for 5 seconds.
Step 6
Insert the mouthpiece into the lead pipe with a very slight twist.
Step 7
Now do the "spit-buzz" exercise to produce long and steady tones.
Step 8
Depress the first valve. Produce a steady tone. This pitch should be a first-space F on the treble clef of your sheet music.
Step 9
Lift that finger so that no valves are down. Produce a higher pitched tone. This would be a second-line treble-clef G.
Step 10
Produce your best tone. This and pitch control are the primary initial goals