Knowledge-->How to take care of the Trumpet

Things You'll Need:

Valve Oil
Slide Grease
Soft Cloth
Trumpet Case (optional)
Step 1

Valves Exterior/Interior
LUBRICATE THE VALVES: Unscrew each of the valves with the trumpet right side up but at a slight angle so the valves stay up. Put a several (5-7) drops of valve oil on the valve stems. Slide the valves up and down and twist them side to side to spread the oil over the surface of the valves. Let the valves drop back into place turning them side to side until they stop turning. Then tighten the screw tops of the valves.
Step 2

Tuning Slides
GREASE SLIDES: Remove each slide from the trumpet one at a time and place a few drops of grease or oil on the parts of the slide that go into the trumpet. Use grease on the Second and Main Tuning Slides and oil on the First and Third Tuning Slides. Both lubricate and prevent corrosion, but first and third tuning slides need to move faster than the second and main tuning slides.
Step 3
DRY EXTERIOR: Use the cloth to remove an excess oil and grease from the exterior of the instrument. The oil and grease may make the instrument slippery and over time, can corrode the metal of the instrument.
Step 4

DISINFECT THE MOUTHPIECE: Use a mouthpiece disinfectant spray - can be purchased from the same places as the oil and grease - to clean the mouthpiece. One spray on the part where you place your mouth should be sufficient. Be sure to clean up any excess before placing the mouthpiece in the trumpet as you do not want extra moisture inside the instrument. (This is not necessary if you are the only user of the instrument, but if the instrument is a loner, you may want to do this before you use it the first time.)