Q: What lines of instruments do you offer?
A: We offer a full line of brass instruments, from trumpet, trombone, French Horn to tubas.

Q: Where are your instruments made?
A: We manufacture all of our instruments in our factory in China.

Q. What kind of finish you can supply?
A. The most popular trumpet is made of gold lacquer. And we can also supply different colour trumpets as your requirements, red, green, blue, black, etc. And also some customers ask for Silver Plated Trumpets with high quality.

Q. Can you supply hand hammered bell trumpet?
A. Yes, for the moment, we have two different models hand hammered trumpet offered, both of them are Bb key, you can refer to the products for details.

Q. Do you also have C Key hand hammered bell trumpet?
A. We don’t make it for the moment.

Q. Can you make hand hammered bell trumpet with gold brass bell?
A. Sorry, we have do the examination, and this material gold brass is not suitable to make hand hammered bell trumpet.

Q. Can you supply spare value guides if we order?
A. Yes, certainly. But we use high quality value guides which are not easy to get break.

Q. Does your trumpet come with real mother of pearl key cover?
A. The popular model didn’t come with it. But we can make it according to your detailed requirements.

Q. Can you make double braces for your trumpet?
A. Yes, we can, please mark it in when ordering.

Q. Can you make your trumpet without braces?
A. Yes, that is also possible. Please also mark it when ordering.

Q. Does the trumpet come with case or Bag?
A. The normal packing for the trumpet products is Foambody Case, with handles for easy carry. And we can also supply ABS or Wooden leather case or Aluminium Case for choice.

Q. Can we have our logo on instruments and cases?
A. Yes, certainly, when you achieve a certain quantity, we can do it for free. Please check with the sales department export@canexmusic.com for details.

Q: Why is there a waiting period?
A: Our instruments are made to order, and the process usually takes four to six weeks if your dealer is out of stock.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: you can be aware of it clearly from “How To Buy”.

Q: What kind of valve oil do you recommend?
A: We do not recommend any particular brand of valve oil, however any high quality pro oil is acceptable for use on our horns.

Q: How to store the instrument?
A: Always use your case for storing the instrument after playing and for transporting. Be sure the mouthpiece and other accessories are secured tightly, as they can scratch and dent your horn if they come loose during transportation. Do not put anything in the case that could place pressure on the instrument. To keep your instrument in optimum playing condition, have it professionally cleaned and inspected by a qualified repair technician annually.

Q. When should I begin Lessons?
A. Most children are ready by age 10. It is important to develop good habits from the beginning.

Q. How much should I practice?
A. Beginners should work up to a minimum 40 minute practice session (five days a week). Depending upon your age and goals, your practice time will vary.

Q. What are the different types of Trumpets?
A.The Bb trumpet is the most common type of trumpet, it is found in orchestras, concert bands and jazz ensembles. C Trumpets are common in orchestral works, it is pitched a whole tone above the Bb Trumpet. Other trumpets that are used (not extensively) are D, Eb, and Piccolo trumpets (Bb/A).

Q .Should I get a trumpet with a first and third valve triggers?
A.Yes, the disadvantage of a traditional three-valve system is that the instrument becomes progressively sharper when the valves are used in combination. On modern trumpets the third and often the first valve are usually provided with movable slides (actuated by finger-rings or triggers).